Lebensmittel Zeitung digital formats

Lebensmittel Zeitung digital formats

The right format for every message and every objective

Unless otherwise stated, all prices refer to placements for 1 week in rotation.
All prices in Euro plus VAT.
Placement reservations lose their binding force 3 weeks after reservation or 4 weeks before publication at the latest.

You can find an overview of all prices in the complete price list.
Explore examples of successful campaigns by our customers at Best Cases.
Please also note our information on data delivery.

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Lebensmittel Zeitung Newsletter formats
LZ am Morgen
News to start the day with,
Tuesday - Saturday, 05.30 a.m.,
LZ am Nachmittag
The latest news of the day,
Monday - Friday, 16.30 a.m.,
LZ am Freitag
Top topics from the editor-in-chief,
Friday, 07.30 a.m.,

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