Data delivery and technical notes

For the smooth processing of your campaign, please follow the instructions on this page.

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Data delivery for digital campaigns

Up to 12 days before the start of the campaign please email to:

Sizes and file formats

All formats must not exceed 120 KB (mobile formats 60 KB).
Please use one of the following file formats: jpg, gif, png, html5 (only for website bookings).

Destination Link

To be specified for each banner and must begin with "https"; click-count URLs provided by the customer (must necessarily redirect to the target website!) and tracking pixels (exclusively in https format!) can be included. ATTENTION: As of December 2019, http pages are no longer loaded from version 79 of the Google Chrome browser. Please make sure that you only send us links according to the https protocol.

Third-Party Advertising, HTML 5 possible as redirect 

Third-party delivery via an ad server is possible. Liability lies with the customer, no counting of AdClicks by LZ Medien.

Technical notes for LZ E-Paper advertising

Target link: Specify for each e-paper link of the 1/1 or 1/2 ad. Please ensure iOS and Android compatibility of the linked content.
Data delivery: By Tuesday before LZ publication date please email to: 

Data delivery for print campaigns

Data transmission

At the latest by print deadline to:

Printing and binding methods

Commercial web printing, (Heat-Set),
newspaper fold (LZ), saddle stitched (LZ direkt),
Paper quality LWC
Dot gains
40 % area: 16 % (tolerance ± 4 %)
80 % area: 11 % (tolerance ± 3 %)
40 % area: 19 % (tolerance ± 4 %)
80 % area: 13 % (tolerance ± 3 %)
Minor dot gain deviations may result within the web offset printing tolerance range.

Colours according to euroscale
Colour sequence Black, cyan, magenta, yellow

Data formats

Digital data are required in PDF/X-3 format having the “PSO LWC Standard” profile. Open-format data must be avoided. All fonts used are to be embedded, half-tone images require 250 dpi resolution.

Data archiving

Data is archived. It is therefore usually possible to run unmodified repeats. However, we do not assume any warranty for data.


In the event that incomplete or deviating data is delivered (texts, colours, images), we do not assume liability for the print result. There is a charge for faulty exposures due to incomplete or faulty files, incorrect settings or incomplete information. The same applies for any additional setting and lithography work as well as creation of additional proofs.