Focus Nonfood

The LZ focus Nonfood reports on all non-food sectors across all product groups. Retail managers are offered practical guidance in the complex non-food market. In January and August before the important non-food consumer goods trade shows. Show retailers that they can count on your products.

Are you looking for the right advertising environment to help you make headway in the non-food industry? You will find it in the LZ Medien. Because with LZ Medien you will be able to address a highly involved and attractive target group when it comes to your successful listing in retail. Why? Because the readers of LZ Medien include the decision-makers and key listing managers in the retail sector and in the retail centres.

Thus, LZ Medien offers those responsible for non-food in retail a unique platform to inform themselves about novelties, developments and backgrounds from the entire industry - clearly arranged, detailed and often exclusive.

The most important dates for the topic
LZ #9
Closing date: 09.02.2021
Publication date: 05.03..2021

LZ #33
Closing date: 27.07.2021
Publication date: 20.08.2021

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