Focus on Anuga 2021

There is a lot to discover during Anuga. Players in the retail industry are actively looking for new innovations, products and impulses to set themselves apart from the competition. LZ MEDIEN creates environments around the trends, innovations and trade fair highlights of Anuga in October 2021.

 Let the retail players get a foretaste of your highlights in the LZ MEDIEN special editions focusing on the Anuga, send them a reminder afterwards and deliver a convincing presentation of your promising product ideas to everyone at home.

The morst important dates
LZ 39 | Anuga Preview
PD: 01.10.2021
CD: 10.09.2021

LZ 40 | Anuga Issue
PD: 08.10.2021
CD: 28.09.2021

LZ 41 | Anuga Trade Fair News
PD: 15.10.2021
CD: 05.10.2021

LZ direkt 10 | Anuga Special
PD: 01.10.2021
CD: 09.09.2021
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