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"The German food retail (and Nonfood Discount) are taking on the role of nonfood local suppliers for the shopper. The potential in nonfood local supply is huge."

Source: Nonfood Congress November 2021, presentation by Martin Langhauser
With the LZ MEDIEN you address a highly-involved and attractive target group, the decision-makers and key listing managers in retail and in the headquarters. With its focus on Nonfood, the LZ MEDIEN offers those responsible in retail a unique platform to inform themselves about innovations, developments and background information from the entire industry - clearly arranged, detailed and often exclusive. 

NEW: Regular reporting on Nonfood in the LZ.  

The aim is to promote the relevance of Nonfood in the German-speaking retail landscape through the media and to offer retail decision-makers an important orientation aid in the complex Nonfood market. Convince retail decision-makers of the potential of your brand and show retailers that they can count on your products.

The most important dates:

LZ 10/22
Special Issue: Nonfood I
LZ Special Newsletter
Nonfood I
LZ 33/22
Special Issue: Nonfood II
LZ Special Newsletter
Nonfood II

The most important facts about Nonfood: 

Online and food retailing are developing disproportionately strongly
  as distribution channels for the 
Nonfood market (1)
18.1% increase in turnover in food retail. 1st HY 2021 compared to 1st HY 2019 (1)
45% of all Nonfood shopping trips will take place in the food retail sector
   in the 1st HY 2021 (758 million shopping trips) (1)

(1) GFK Consumer Panel Nonfood. Nonfood 2021 - Markets. Assortments. Shopper Insights. 

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