Best Case Darbo: Year-round communication wit...

Year-round communication with the German trade

Darbo can point to more than 130 years of experience and know-how in the processing of fruits and is today the clear market leader in the traditional Austrian jam and honey market.


Communication solution:

To reach both FMCG and POS target groups with the campaign, Darbo was recommended a campaign in Lebensmittel Zeitung and LZ direkt. The focus was on print advertising, as the environment is ideal for image advertising. In both titles, a combination of print ad and insert was booked, so image advertising and product advertising could be optimally combined.
Campaign Overview

Communication objectives:
Image promotion of Darbo, a family business with a long tradition and qualitative products, and promotion of new products (jams).

Target group:
The decision makers in the trade centers, independent merchants (FMCG), store managers, independent merchants, specialized salesmen (POS).

Campaign period:
May to October 2020