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Listen to what's important: LZ Audio News summarizes the day's most exciting news from the retail and consumer goods industries. From Monday to Friday, compact and concise.

Secure the full attention of your target group with a 20-second audio spot in LZ Audio News. Your appearance in the ears of retail decision-makers!

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Available through the LZ Newsletter in the morning, on www.lebensmittelzeitung.net and via all popular podcast apps such as Spotify, Apple Podcast, Google Podcast and Soundcloud.

Your Sponsoring Package

  • Price: 4,990 € per week
  • Frequency: 5 times a week in each podcast
  • Placement: your spot can be heard directly after the news overview
  • Length: max. 20 seconds

Your combination Offer

Extend your digital campaign (display formats, DIGITAL 1-5 or advertorial)
with audio sponsoring and a 20-second audio spot.

  • Price: 2,990 € per week
  • Frequency: 5 times a week in each podcast
  • Länge: max. 20 Sekunden
  • Platzierung: your spot can be heard directly after the news overview, incl. shownotes


Podcast subscribers1

Ø 1,000

people listen to each LZ Audio News podcast2

For 63%

of regular users LZ Audio News are the first point of contact for industry information.3


of the listeners from
retail are decision makers
about the goods business.4

(1) Recipient file, LZ Podcast, September 2023

(2) Recipient file, LZ Podcast, December 2022

(3) LZ Digital user survey 2022, Karwath Marktforschung, Oldendorf; Basis: LZ Audio News used at least once a week

(4) LZ Digital user survey 2020, Karwath Marktforschung, Oldendorf; Basis: LZ Audio News listeners from retail (who listen at least once a week)

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