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Lebensmittel Zeitung is the leading specialist industry publication for consumer goods.
Your brand and message are presented in a relevant editorial context. Reach decision makers1 in the retail (distribution centers, independent store owners/managers) and consumer goods índustry (FMCG/CPG) and sector-specific service providers at all relevant everyday touchpoints.

Full attention for your message to trade decision-makers

With the media channels of Lebensmittel Zeitung your message reaches the right places and gets noticed.
100% of the top 30 retail head offices have a subscription to the LZ. The head offices and branches of the food retail in Germany are completely supplied.2
Your message gets through
Actually distributed weekly circulation3
Ø 6.9
Readers per copy4
Newsletter recipients each workday5
Ø 3.2
Recipients per newsletter copy6
Unique User per month7
Visits per month8
Podcast subscriber5
41,807 Facebook subscriber9
68,614 LinkedIn subscriber9
9,336 Twitter follower9
2,552 Instagram follower9
Your message makes an impact
Time each issue is read in minutes4
Page-contact chance (LZ print)4
Minutes used per week (LZ digital)6
of users use LZ Digital at least once a day6

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1 CEOs, managing directors, executives in purchasing, sales, country managers and marketing and those responsible for IT and logistics, executives with a sales focus, and independent retailers. LZ reader survey 2017, GfK Media & Communication Research, Raunheim bei Frankfurt and LZ Digital user survey 2020, Karwath Marktforschung, Oldendorf
LZ Distribution, January 2021
IVW, Q3/2021
LZ reader survey 2017, target group retail, GfK Media & Communication Research, Raunheim bei Frankfurt. Survey of main LZ readers. Readers per copy as estimated by primary reader.
Recipient file, July 2021
LZ Digital user survey 2020, target group retail, Karwath Marktforschung, Oldendorf
agof daily digital facts, march 2021
8 IVW, June 2021
9 As of 02.08.2021