Best Case Bord Bia: Promotion for Irish food

Promotion for Irish food

Since its inception in 1994, Bord Bia, as Ireland's parastatal trade agency, has promoted the success of premium Irish food and agricultural products in international markets.

As a link between Irish producers and potential customers, Bord Bia works to strategically develop markets for food, beverage and agricultural products. Through its global network, Bord Bia aims to introduce customers and consumers to the taste of premium Irish products.


Communication Solution:

To be continuously on the minds of retail decision-makers, Bord Bia's advertising campaign was placed cross-medially throughout the year in Lebensmittel Zeitung media. This included banner campaigns on and a digital advertorial to showcase the variety and quality of Irish dairy products. The digital advertising media were supplemented by print ads in Lebensmittel Zeitung. Here, the ads were placed in the Ireland country report and the fresh produce section.

Campaign Overview

Communication Objectives:
Image promotion of the quality of Irish products (with a focus on beef, fish and mopro) with a focus on sustainability and green feed issues.

Target group:
Decision-makers in retail headquarters, independent merchants (FMCG).

Campaign period:
January to December 2020