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In the fast lane: Mutti in top form in the LZ MEDIEN!

Since Mutti was founded 120 years ago, the company has worked to bring the tomato to its highest expression. All Mutti tomatoes grow in carefully selected fields in Italy, where the best tomato varieties ripen under the Italian summer sun.

Deeply rooted in the territory, Mutti is committed to sustainability, nature conservation and biodiversity. The DNA of Mutti is made up of quality, innovation and reliability, to which Mutti has always remained loyal from the very beginning. Mutti's success underscores the importance of these values.


Communication solution:

Mutti invested in constant cross-media communication in LZ MEDIEN to convey relevant messages to retail decision-makers such as the brand development in the German market as well as the values of the Italian family brand. 

The high quality of traditional Italian products was presented in a thematically appropriate environment such as the LZ LänderReport Italien. Moreover, Mutti emphasized its own expertise in the context of a "Warenwissen" article in LZ direkt and through the cross-media presentation as Top-Marke Winner 2021 and 2022. The concept was rounded off by the digital accompaniment of the image campaign.

In addition, Mutti's sponsoring presence at the SUPERMARKT STARS 2021 and 2022 directly showed decision-makers at the POS how Mutti's products can contribute to success on the sales floor.

Campaign Overview

Campaign goals:
Brand building (Top-Marke), market share increase, image campaign (emphasizing sustainability, quality, reliability and expertise), product launch.

Target group:
Decision-makers in retail headquarters, independent retailers and the decision-makers at the POS.

Campaign period:
January 2021 - June 2022